East Liberty Media Center


Spring 2017

East Liberty Carnegie Library Lot Pittsburgh, PA 

The design of this multi-use building was primarily focused on giving back space to the community that was originally taken away by parking, and to connect the use of the new building to that of the East Liberty Carnegie Library. The library currently serves as one of the few remaining beacons of activity for the under-served in East Liberty. East Liberty is one of the most quickly gentrifying neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, and the design of the new building aims to serve the remaining long-time residents as well as the new-comers.

The building was required to house a cafe, art gallery spaces, and office space. The cafe is placed on the first floor with access from both the library side and the street side. There is a gallery on levels 2-5 and the office space is located adjacent to those galleries so that the workers can explore the galleries while simultaneously interacting with locals and visitors. 

The ground floor facade is moved away from the library, giving the library room to breath, but the large cantilever encourages people exiting the library to congregate underneath the second floor and enter the media center. The covered outdoor area also serves as a spacefor events for both the media center and the library, and on quiet days it acts an open public space.

Code review & Assembly

During our project we were required to make sure our design was up to code, here are the drawings for the occupancy and wall assembly.