Marble Mover

Spring 2016

This hybrid drawing is a combination of the Rhino model inspired by dynamism, pencil drawing, and photoshop. The path of the marble is clearly depicted as is the position of the structure at different points in the marble's movement.

The general idea behind this project is to make a marble "preform." For many people this means different things. My design utilized the ability the marble has to move the structure itself. I chose to use the weight of the marble to make the structure rock on a curved bottom. The movement of the structure would allow the marble to explore more of the structure than it would have been able to if the paper structure were in a fixed position. 

My interpretation of the marble's "performance" was not that it would move from point "a" to point "b," but the marble moves from point "a" back to itself. The marble would return to its starting position on the structure, but not in space. It would end at a lower point in space than the point that it began. Beginning and ending at the same point in space with friction and air resistance is physically impossible.

This purely analog drawing has a flattened section on the top, where the shaded area is the horizontal surface the marble moves on. The exploration here was the curves that make up the shape of the structure. The lower half is a series of elevations and sections that cut the structure perpendicularly.