ECO Farm Stand


Partner: Michael Powell

EPIC Metals Competition (FINALISTS - Winners TBA)

Duration: 3 Days

Final Drawingssm1.jpg
Final Drawingssm22005.jpg

The Environmental Charter Outpost (ECO) situates itself in Bloomfield on the site of the new Environmental Charter Middle School. Its primary objective is to serve goods grown and baked by students as a part of their education. However, we challenge this outpost to serve a purpose even when students are not occupying the mobile unit. Being conscious of its ability to move, we analyzed the assembly and its potential functions even when sales are not occurring. ECO serves as a market space, bus shelter, and as a system that expresses its ability to collect rain water. Those using the outpost as a bus shelter, or simply passing by, will be able to understand the structures purpose to collect and store rain water through its exposed tank system. ECO dares to serve a function for the community post-business hours.