Echo Hoop House

Team: C. Anderegg, Z. Chen, M. Powell, O. Tousignant, S. Wang


Fall 2016

David L. Lawrence Convention Center Pittsburgh, PA


We were tasked with designing and building a hoop house to be used on the roof of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center with existing concrete planter beds. The required material pallet we were using was metal conduit, greenhouse plastic, and simple hardware. Early on we decided on utilizing a sliding joint to allow each module to move along a rail. This was our solution for the accessibility of the structure. This caused us to design a wooden frame to build our rail system off of.

We designed four wood block joints to attach each moving module to the rails. The smaller modules slide on the inner rail, while the large ones move along the outer rail. We then designed the modules. The overall shape of each module is inspired by the shape of the Convention Center’s sloped roof. We ended up with two large modules, two small modules, and individual end pieces. The small modules slide into the larger modules, then the gap is filled with a triple layer plastic gasket which is attached to the frame with adhesive Velcro.