Here are some examples of digital work unrelated to studio projects:

Marble Moving Animation

I began by simply modeling my marble mover. my design was very simple, however I felt the path depicted on Modelo was interesting because it actually showed the path as a loop like it is supposed to be in reality. The idea behind my design is that the marble beginnings and ends its journey on the same point on the structure, while actually moving downward in space. This is made possible through the rocking motion of the structure.

I chose to show the actual path the marble takes in space, compared to simply the path of the marble on the structure. To do this I showed the rocking of the marble mover by first overlapping the model in different positions.

I used spheres to represent the marble at different points and different speeds. I then used the path of the marble on the model to lay out the path the camera takes on Modelo. From there I trimmed the model so that it was divided into quadrants (Two of which were the same position) and trimmed the unnecessary layers from each quadrant so that there were no solids that seemed to block the path or view. I used the target layer to make the camera focus on the start point so that the viewer is always conscious of the movement away and then back toward the start point. The new path is a time lapse, the structure changes its position and this allows the path of the marble to continue. For more detail click HERE


I was chose to model a small portable lamp that I own. Although it seems simple, there are small details that make it unique. For more detail click HERE

Digital Sections: An Exploration of AutoCad

Here I used AutoCad to draw the section of the Quorum Building by Javier Garcia Solera Vera, I then exported the file to Illustrator and added detail in the line work and also value. This was an introduction to AutoCad.


This was an exercise in using 3D programs to create 2D diagrammatic images. Here I used a preliminary design for the Cube House created in Rhino to create the original 2D images, I then used Illustrator to add detail and clarity to this diagram which describes the design process.